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  1. Geoff NH says:

    Good morning everyone,
    This is a wonderful opportunity for every State in the Nation to request One University in each State of the Nation, who has a representative number of Native/Indigenous Native Americans to look into that States history of the Population mix before the White Man came to take over the Nations of the Indigenous People and heard them onto waste-barren lands.
    The History is fully available via the Tribal records, which will show how each tribal nation moved around and how they traded, interacted with each other before being corralled onto various reservations throughout the Nation.
    This history must be maintained and honored as per Treaties signed as each of the 603+ tribes within North America are Sovereign by rights established by all human beings through out the World.
    Allow outside folks who may know certain historical facts to post to a section of the sites for each State U for peer review.
    Keep up the great effort and work.

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