Post Updated August 2020

For a long time, we neglected to update our roadmap. We will try to be more diligent in the future, so you can stay updated on what’s new and what’s our plan for the near future.

In late 2019, we received our first funding! This was huge and extremely helpful in taking the burden off of our founder and board members. Since then, we’ve been working very hard to grow responsibly and improve the way we’re handling this resource.

We’ve grown enormously — receives over 10,000 hits a day, our API is in use by dozens of other applications, and our mobile apps have thousands of downloads. We are so excited for the future!

A few more recent updates from the past year:

  • We have hired an Executive Director (Christine McRae)
  • We have a new Digital Communications Coordinator (Nadi Jones)
  • We have been diligently working on adding more Latin and South American territories to the map
  • We have added a Spanish translation on the front page
  • We are actively looking to hire Indigenous translators for our front page
  • We have developed connections with numerous artistic, historical, educational, and other interested organizations
  • Developing better analytics to understand our reach and audience

Some of our major current goals, already underway, include:

  • Creating comprehensive policy on good ways to manage sources, competing territory claims, and source-checking — better than we’ve done in the past
  • Hiring an Indigenous Research Director to add professionalism and complexity to our mapping research
  • Obtaining more funding to help us maintain stability as an organization into the future
  • Developing more technological tools (such as Twitter bots and more)
  • Having a regular blog posting schedule about issues and developments with the map
  • A new website design and branding
  • Applying for Charitable Status
  • Developing processes to manage volunteers and direct efforts
  • Undertaking donation drives
  • Developing curriculum for teachers and educators on land and land acknowledgements

We are amazed at the reach and influence of Native Land, and awed by the response from the community. We hope that we can keep improving over time and that you can be a part of our journey, too. Please let us know if there are areas where we can improve and do better, and we will promise to keep working hard!