Partners & Contributors

Many organizations and individuals have helped in the creation of Native Land — it is certainly not a solo effort. We accept suggestions and fixes from the community and that is a huge part of how we can continue striving to achieve accuracy and sensitivity in our portrayal of Indigenous territories and nations.

That being said, there are a few organizations and individuals who deserve special mention:


  • Kalliopeia Foundation
  • Vancity Credit Union

Partner Organizations

  • Digital Democracy
  • Historica Canada

Academic Institutions

  • CalArts University & Colin Frazer


  • Travis Henry for his huge research and help with American nations
  • John Garcia in central America
  • for helping improve accuracy with treaties and territories across North America
  • David Danos for his exceptional work on spellings and orthographies

Courses and Projects

These are some places you can find Native Land in use!

  • Canadian Encyclopedia articles (such as and Learning Guides
  • Explore 150
  • Code for Anchorage SMS Bot
  • The Independent Learning Centre (ILC) – Grade Eleven course (“Contemporary Aboriginal Voices”)
  • University of Ottawa undergraduate course
  • College of the North – Aboriginal and Northern Studies
  • University of Alberta – Faculty of Indigenous Studies
  • UC Riverside
  • University of Saskatchewan – Cypress Hills history
  • Florida State University graduate project depicting tribal territories

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