Native Land has been featured in many news outlets and interviews. We’ve included a few select examples here. We’ve also included a few videos or examples of presentations we’ve given to organizations that help to explain different aspects of the mission and history of Native Land Digital.


Recorded Webinars and Presentations

BTAA GIS, November 2022 – Keynote – Our Home on Native Land: Connecting Peoples and Stories using Indigenous Geographies

Tanya Ruka & Rudo Kemper

SLAWNY – Land Acknowledgements

Victor Temprano & Samantha Martin-Ferris

University of British Columbia – Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

The Land You Live On

Christine McRae, Executive Director
Summer 2020

Global Oneness Project: Enhancing Our Understanding: Learning and Teaching about Indigenous Cultures, Languages, and Territories

Christine McRae, Sept 2020

This webinar considered tools and methods to learn and teach about Indigenous cultures, languages, and territories. Through personal stories centered in their own experiences as educators, Cleary Vaughan-Lee, Executive Director of the Global Oneness Project, and Christine McRae, Executive Director of Native Land Digital, offered guidance on ways to bring Indigenous history and knowledge into teaching in a meaningful way. Classroom tips, strategies, and educator examples were shared which highlight specific methods to foster perspective-shifting and empathy into the classroom. 

Native Land Digital is an Indigenous-led nonprofit based in Vancouver, British Columbia, dedicated to providing education about Indigenous peoples, territories, and knowledge systems in North America. Their free interactive platform, Native Land, is both a website and an app where you can enter your zip code or town to acknowledge and learn the names of the original Indigenous inhabitants of the land you live on.

North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) : Our Home on Native Land: Connecting People and Stories using Indigenous Geographies

Christine McRae, Executive Director and Rudo Kemper, Board of Directors – October 2020

You may be familiar with the website being used in land acknowledgments or seen the colorful tapestry of Indigenous lands go viral on social media on Columbus day and Thanksgiving. What you may not know (yet!) is that Native Land is evolving as a not-for-profit organization, with an Indigenous Executive Director and majority Indigenous-led Board of Directors and Advisory Council who are passionate about thinking creatively and critically about using maps to share stories about Indigenous territories, challenge concepts linked to settler colonialism, and increase Indigenous community sovereignty over their own data. The goal of this presentation is to stimulate a lively discussion around what it means to map native lands from an Indigenous perspective.

Mapbox Lunchbox Livestream – Guest Dev, Inside Native Land

Check out the archived livestream to see more about how Native Land works behind the scenes. November 2020.

Michigan State University – Global Digital Humanities Symposium

Victor Temprano & Samantha Martin-Ferris, March 2019