The Native Land Digital Supporter’s Circle is a very special group of individuals and organizations whose regular contributions play a crucial role in the accuracy and accessibility of Native Land. By joining our Supporters Circle, you provide opportunities for Indigenous people to develop connections around the world, share resources, discuss issues happening in communities, face ecological and developmental challenges together, and use technology for good ends and in good ways.

Native Land is funded largely through grants and donations, and we are so thankful. We know that organizations can do more to help us, and we wanted to provide an easy avenue to do that. That is the Supporter’s Circle.

Get in touch with us today at [email protected] to learn more about how to be a part of the Circle. We are a Canadian non-profit organization and we are able to take tax-deductible USD donations through a US fiscal sponsor.

    The Impact of Your Support

    At Native Land, we recognize that we have an opportunity to bring a spiritual, existential understanding and meaning of land – which goes far beyond property boundaries and discussions of history – to the world. But we need your help. 

    As the largest free interactive map of Indigenous territories available online, Native Land has an opportunity to reach millions of users worldwide. We are a small Canadian not-for-profit organization, and we are working to develop our platform as an Indigenous space, and use it to shift the way that people understand their relationship with land and place.

    Native Land is in a state of continuous growth. Not only is our map is in need of constant updating as a result of community feedback, but we are also steadily adding additional Indigenous territories in locations throughout the entire world. We are also developing additional resources that can assist educators in teaching their students about Indigenous territories, languages and histories throughout the entire world. Your support will help our team to focus on improvements to source quality and deeper collaboration and partnerships with Indigenous nations, communities and individuals. 

    Levels of Support

    We recognize that different individuals and organizations are able to give different levels of support. We welcome any donation, no matter how small, and you can know that your help is going to a good place.