A guest blog post submitted by Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail featuring the Junior Ranger Activity Book produced by the National Park Service. The blog entry was written by: Caitlin Campbell, (she, her, hers) | Visual Media Specialist

Throughout the new Lewis and Clark Trail Junior Ranger activity booklet, participants learn that the famous expedition did not travel through uninhabited wilderness.

The book opens with this fact:

“Long before the Lewis and Clark Expedition and the drawing of state lines, a huge web of tribal territories was already here. Having endured centuries of broken treaties, stolen land, and relocation, these tribal nations remain today.”

Participants are directed to use native-land.ca to find out, “On whose homeland are you standing right now?”

While completing mazes, matching games, and other educational activities in this free activity booklet, participants learn that the tribes were just as critical to the fate of the expedition as the namesake captains themselves.

The booklet also features plants and animals in a Arikara, Nez Perce, Chinuk Wawa, Lakota Sioux, and Shoshoni. 

To learn more about the Lewis and Clark Trail Junior Ranger program follow @leiwsandclarknht on Facebook and Instagram.

Visit their website: www.nps.gov/lecl to learn more!

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Thursday, May 27th, 2021

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