Native Land roadmap update

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  1. Chaplain Mahdi Sufi El says:

    Honors for compiling certain key information and even for erecting this wonderful website..! We Unami Moors of Shackamaxon Tribal Council (aka: Delaware Moors of Philadelphia) are in need of you updating the map in order to reflect our tribal Native Moor presence in Lenapehoking. We are working with the National Park Service to have the native-mound (land underneath the Philadelphia Museum of Art) designated as Native American Burial site. Among other great projects with the local, state, and federal agencies that are interested in preserving the narratives of the aboriginal Americans..

  2. Sha says:

    You forgot about the Apalachee Indians from Tallahassee Florida they were indigenous to Florida. They burned the village and they left over 300 years ago and headed to Louisiana with a Spanish. however they thought they had wiped them out and even took them out of the history books. you can contact Mission San Luis they can tell you the territory of The Apalachees
    which was most of Tallahassee. They have rebuilt a lot of the mission back. Contact Florida. My dad was the chief he past 3 years ago his name was Gilmer T Bennett you can google him. We have elected a new chief Troy Kerry. I’m part Apalachee and proud of it.

  3. The California Kid says:

    Get to the skipped point, please! You don’t mention whose land we’re on. There’s no mention ot the Winton, the Shastina, the Shoalwater, the Chinook or other tribes.

    • Hey there! I double checked and we do have the Shoalwater and Chinook. We’ll add the Winton and Shastina to our to-do list. I also do need to update this post, it’s been a while since I last wrote about where we’re at. Thanks for your comments! I’m not sure what you mean by not mentioning whose land “we’re” on, though.

  4. Larry Brautigam says:

    Please have a zip/postal code overlay.


  5. Kevin Rayburn Bell says:


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