Hello everyone!

It’s been a few months, and a hot summer, since I posted the roadmap. We’ve made a lot of progress since then and a lot has happened. There’s still a very long way to go, but I’m definitely more confident and feeling like things are moving.

Here’s a quick list of some things we’ve achieved:

  • Hiring a research assistant who is regularly going through territories, languages, and treaties as fixes come in, and helping to add new territories
  • Archiving of past emails is well underway and should be finished within a month or two
  • Moved to Mapbox and improved the overall feel and experience of the site
  • Added “nation pages” so that we can add more sources and information for each area that we add to the map
  • Hired a Volunteer Coordinator so that we can begin working on numerous longer-term projects with volunteers
  • Set up a Slack chat channel for interested people who want to contribute or connect
  • Found two confirmed Board of Directors’ members
  • Participated in the IMW 2018 Conference
  • Conducted a number of media interviews and articles

Things haven’t gone exactly as planned — my idea of hiring regional coordinators turned out to be too complex at this point, so having one research assistant is proving more useful right now. One day, when I can adequately staff and fund things, having numerous research assistants who can collaborate with each other and with volunteers will be really amazing.

Here are a few things that are top of the list for the next few months:

  • Formally registering Native Land as a not-for-profit (my instinct is to do this immediately, but because it requires a board of directors, it is best to take the time to understand exactly what is being set up, and to do it properly)
  • Creating Education Guides for teachers to use when using the site
  • Find another 1-2 Board Members before formally announcing the Board
  • Continue updating technologies to make it easier for volunteers to contribute to the project
  • Begin to hunt down potential sources of longer-term funding
  • Expanding the scope of Native Land to South America and elsewhere

I’m certainly in Native Land for the long haul — to me, this will hopefully be an organization that can sponsor students, hold conferences and meetings, and provide useful materials to teachers, users, and Indigenous people around the world.

Slow, steady progress will win the day in the long run. As well as the immense support from so many people around the world. It really helps that so many people are willing to contribute and lend their thoughts, questions, and suggestions to the project.

Thank you all very much, and keep tuned for more updates in the months and years to come!

  • Victor Temprano
Posted by Victor Temprano
Sunday, August 26th, 2018

6 responses to “Native Land roadmap update”

  1. Chaplain Mahdi Sufi El says:

    Honors for compiling certain key information and even for erecting this wonderful website..! We Unami Moors of Shackamaxon Tribal Council (aka: Delaware Moors of Philadelphia) are in need of you updating the map in order to reflect our tribal Native Moor presence in Lenapehoking. We are working with the National Park Service to have the native-mound (land underneath the Philadelphia Museum of Art) designated as Native American Burial site. Among other great projects with the local, state, and federal agencies that are interested in preserving the narratives of the aboriginal Americans..

  2. Sha says:

    You forgot about the Apalachee Indians from Tallahassee Florida they were indigenous to Florida. They burned the village and they left over 300 years ago and headed to Louisiana with a Spanish. however they thought they had wiped them out and even took them out of the history books. you can contact Mission San Luis they can tell you the territory of The Apalachees
    which was most of Tallahassee. They have rebuilt a lot of the mission back. Contact Florida. My dad was the chief he past 3 years ago his name was Gilmer T Bennett you can google him. We have elected a new chief Troy Kerry. I’m part Apalachee and proud of it.

  3. The California Kid says:

    Get to the skipped point, please! You don’t mention whose land we’re on. There’s no mention ot the Winton, the Shastina, the Shoalwater, the Chinook or other tribes.

    • Hey there! I double checked and we do have the Shoalwater and Chinook. We’ll add the Winton and Shastina to our to-do list. I also do need to update this post, it’s been a while since I last wrote about where we’re at. Thanks for your comments! I’m not sure what you mean by not mentioning whose land “we’re” on, though.

  4. Larry Brautigam says:

    Please have a zip/postal code overlay.


  5. Kevin Rayburn Bell says:


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