Native Land 2019 Roadmap Update

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  1. Nancy Richards says:

    Wow is a word that immediately comes to mind! Having taken 23&ME and being disappointed that after many family references to American Indian blood being part of my DNA to find only 1% of pure Native People was discovered. This work is not only scholarly but obviously borne from respect and love of shared heritage and will be a revelation should it hit mainstream education curriculum. How can that be facilitated?

    Suggestions must include Parent-Teacher Associations so the knowledge could be parent driven to expedite demand for the added educational component. Given to Boys Scout and Girl Scout organizations as well as Boys and Girls Clubs and Exchange Clubs centers for Prevention of Child Abuse Family Centers all would be good places for from the ground up education.

    The last mentioned are actually court appointed program providers to educate parents and keep children out of foster care.

    Very good work and thanks for sharing with the world. Nancy Richards. Vero Beach, Fl

  2. Jon Paulson says:

    I think it would be helpful to clarify the timing (year, century), as well as possible, as some of these territories shifted over time, even before the European invasion.

  3. Tom Flynn says:

    Can’t find an email address, but here is a possible needed fix. I live in Fairfield CT. Our history includes the (well-documented) Pequonnocks, who do not appear on your map.

    Tom Flynn
    [email protected]

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