What Year Does the Map Represent?

2 responses to “What Year Does the Map Represent?”

  1. Jay Maechtlen says:

    You’ve made a great and thought-provoking start. Eventually time data would be nifty, perhaps using shading/transparency to indicate the temporal beginnings and ends of a group’s presence/grasp of an area. Of course, many of these events span years or decades- have fun!

  2. ww leslie says:

    I think time information is necessary. For example, the lands that Ojibway occupy in MInnesota would look a lot different depending on what century you’re talking about. The Native-land.ca map shows them occupying most of the northern and eastern part of the state, which would have been true 200 years ago. But if you go back 400 years, it’s likely they didn’t occupy any of what is now called Minnesota.

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