Monthly Support


If you are part of an organization, please check out the Supporter’s Circle.

Native Land has been around since 2015, and it was first supported by the founder, Victor Temprano. Since then, we have received funding from Kalliopeia Foundation, Nia Tero, the Vancouver Foundation, Vancity Credit Union, and more. Since the organization is now becoming a nonprofit and is growing, we need to continue to find sustainable methods of support.

There are a number of people already working regularly for Native Land. These include:

  • Executive Director
  • Geography Research Assistant
  • Digital Communications Coordinator
  • Research Communications Lead
  • Research Lead
  • Volunteer Coordinator

We also have a growing Board of Directors, and a lot of things we’d like to be able to work on.

It’s important to know that Native Land aims to be a fully Indigenous-led and Indigenous-run organization. It’s really important to us that this project is built and run for and by Indigenous people.

If you decide to help support us, here’s a few of the things your money will go towards:

  • Paying employees and board members for their work
  • Supporting ongoing research and expansion of the map and its global coverage
  • Increase our ability to attend conferences and gatherings about Indigenous mapping
  • Help Native Land engage directly with communities and participate in active territory research
  • Improve teacher’s guides and the educational outreach of the site

And a few of our long-term dreams:

  • A podcast about Indigenous territory and other topics like tech and indigeneity, language revitalization, and more
  • Newsletter and regular updates
  • Conferences hosted by Native Land, and getting involved in conferences worldwide
  • On-the-ground research on territories and languages
  • Getting involved directly with educators regarding the teaching of Indigenous history
  • Interconnecting Indigenous communities
  • Providing technological resources to communities and giving them a voice online

We have a whole lot of ideas, and this is really just the start — if you’ll join us!

Thanks for reading through, and thanks for your support, whether or not you join. We are glad that this project means something to you and so many others.

If you want to get involved yourself, take a look at our Volunteer page, too!