Map Sources

Over the years, many of the following sources and maps have been taken down or have gone offline. I originally meant to keep a strict record of my sources, but it has proven difficult as there have been many changes due to sources exchanged in emails, small adjustments due to personal knowledge, or simply times when I’ve been too busy to mark down the source.

My priority of sources goes as follows:

  1. Territory maps according to Indigenous nations themselves (preferring more expansive to more restrictive maps)
  2. Historical research or individual maps pertaining to specific nations
  3. Conglomerate map sources such as maps that can be found on Wikipedia or other encyclopedic sources.
  4. Colonial map sources (which often contain naming errors and inaccurate boundaries, or strong political motivations)

Obviously, it is very difficult to find good sources across the board. As such, the map is always in need of better sources.

In any case, here are some of the sources I have used in the creation of the site — please note this is not a comprehensive list and many sources may not be listed. Please contact me if you need a better source on a particular area.

Language, Territory, and Treaty Resources

This page contains all of the links to all of the different nation’s websites, language resources, and treaty resources linked individually on the map. You can open up the tabs below and scroll through to find the resource you are looking for.