The Importance of Sourcing Properly

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  1. Joseph Arthur says:

    Looking at the API and citing the work of API as well can be done. For example citing any language reference with the linguist as well as the native speaker (a tribal elder for example). For any related graphics, a circa date of a photo or related tribal symbol can be made). Such as if we reference a Native American Basket or a Hawaiian Kākau (traditional tattoo). There are symbols which not only reference language of a tribe’s dialect, but also the specific family or island (such as Hawaiian Kākau, traditional tattoos)

  2. America Meredith says:

    Western and much of Central Oklahoma has been part of the homeland of the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes (Waco, Kitsai, Tawakoni, Taovaya, and others) for centuries before the Osage entered from the east in the 18th century. Archaeologists refer to their precontact cultures as Southern Plains Villagers. Richard Drass of the University of Oklahoma is a good source of information about them. There are 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th century Wichita village sites, as well, throughout south central Oklahoma, as well. Here’s a general introduction to Wichita history ::

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