Victor here. I’m exploring building Native Land into something even more cool than it is; a space where we can all discuss issues related to mapping out these territories, talking about them, and connecting to nations we learn about through this tool.

I get a lot of inquiries on a lot of different fronts about this site, and I think some of you might be interested in the process behind the scenes, or might have some really good stuff to contribute. So, with this blog, I’ll aim to talk about things like:

  • Common questions and issues in making this site
  • Friends and other sites doing similar work, or common projects
  • New additions and changes, major updates
  • Discussions over the theory behind the site
  • Technology topics related to the building of the site

I’d love to get your input too, and I’m very open to having other contributors write something up for this blog. I have no desire to be the only arbiter of how this project is mapped and what is respectful. But maybe together we can do something better. So, let’s go places together!

Posted by Victor Temprano
Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

One response to “The Blog.”

  1. Willyssa says:

    In central Manitoba, Canada – Lake Waterhen & Chitek lake is now Anishinaabe traditional land-use territory of Skownan First Nation (where I’m from). It extends just north of Chitek lake 😉

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