Native Land Roadmap

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  1. Linn Whittendale Lee says:


  2. I wanted to submit a correction to Zapotec territories, currently marked as “Didxazon”…. It is actually “Didxazaa”. Also, that’s the language… not the territory.

  3. aaratiakkapeddi says:

    Did you reach out to any indigenous communities or people when sourcing information for your map or did you just look to historical records? Is this site open source? Is there an easy way for people to submit issues?

  4. viraguita says:

    Great work on this. Thanks for taking it on and being humble about the process.

  5. Tyler says:

    Victor this is an incredible thing you have begun!! I agree that this has grown to be bigger than one person. I eagerly look forward to your plans and intentions coming to fruition! (I haven’t yet read the Aug update yet). Thank you for your labor of love.

  6. Melissa says:

    A friend of mine recommended your website, to help me teach my highschool English students more about Treaties and the First People. THANK YOU for this resource, Victor! I will share it with my colleagues.

  7. daniel burval says:

    this map is using the settler appointed label “Navajo” when the indigenous people “here” clearly distinguish and identify themselves as Diné(people) and speak their language ~ Diné Bizaad

  8. Carrie Parks says:

    The maps would be easier to relate to if they showed current state boundaries or major cities.

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