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Last updated on February 13, 2021

https://www.turismohuancavelica.com/articulos/nacion-chopccaInga Kichwa: in the Putumayo region, Colombia

  • Inga Peoples
    • Highland Inga
    • Jungle Inga

Kichwa Nation: in the region of Ecuador

  • Kichwa peoples in the Andes: Karanki, Natabuela, Otavalo, Kayambi, Kitukara, Panzaleo, Chibuleo, Kisapincha, Salasaca, Kichwa Tungurahua, Waranka, Puruhá, Cañari, Saraguro
  • Kichwa peoples in the Amazon: Napo-Kichwa or Napo Runas, Kichwa del Pastaza or Canelo-Kichwa

Quechua: in the region of Peru

  • Ancash-Yaru
  • Ayacucho-Cusco
  • Cañaris-Cajamarca
  • Chachapoyas-Lamas
  • Jauja-Huanca
  • Quichua
  • Kichwaruna
  • Yauyos

Quechua: in the region of Bolivia


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