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Last updated on June 22, 2022

“Recognizing a need to protect their land, resources, and culture against future threats, the Innu people joined the province’s Mi’kmaq and Inuit people in 1973 to form the Native Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (NANL). The Innu people broke away from NANL three years later to form the Naskapi Montagnais Innu Association, which changed its name to the Innu Nation in 1990.

The Innu Nation today represents about 2,200 Innu people, who elect a president and board of directors to oversee the group’s political, business, and other affairs. The Innu Nation’s mandate is to provide a unified political voice to protect the Innu people’s interests against outside threats, as well as to pursue land claim negotiations and help deliver education, health-care, and other social services to its membership. In the past, the group has protested low-level military flight training over Innu lands and various industrial projects that affected Innu resources, including the Lower Churchill Falls hydroelectric project, clear-cutting operations, construction of the trans-Labrador highway, and the Voisey’s Bay nickel mine.”


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