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Last updated on June 27, 2018

“In our language we are myaamia – the downstream people. Today you will hear our name pronounced Miami, a derivation of our traditional name. The United States government recognizes us as a Sovereign Nation, the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma. We originate from the Great Lakes region where our homelands lie within the boundaries of the states of Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, lower Michigan and lower Wisconsin.”

“Today our Nation numbers over 4,400 citizens. Our continued existence is due to, and in honor of, those who walked before us, who fought and worked and struggled to remain. Their efforts brought us here. Therefore we, in respectful and steely determination, work to build for our community, provide for and teach our children, and care for our elders. Our economic development efforts are vital to the solid foundation needed to allow us to rise to these responsibilties today, and to continue to support them tomorrow. We work to assure that while the sun continues to rise it will shine on the people known as myaamiaki.”


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