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Research Director

In efforts to more deeply and accurately tell the stories of Indigenous communities, decolonize colonial understanding of Indigenous people and territories, and to more accurately present information related to territorial, treaty and language boundaries, Native Land Digital is hiring a Research Director. This individual must have a strong understanding of social justice, connection to land and Indigenous ways of being and knowing. The ideal candidate is a strategic, inspiring knowledgeable leader with demonstrated professional, academic, or practical experience working with communities on GIS and mapping initiatives, especially in a setting of dealing with issues resulting from colonialism and neocolonialism.

The Research Director will have the ability to articulate, coordinate and implement a thoughtful, innovative, and responsive vision for the guiding principles of Native Land Digital. This position will require balancing Native Land’s need for high-quality research with the requirement that attention be paid across vast geographical areas and hundreds of Indigenous nations. 

The Research Director will work in coordination with a small research team of Native Land employees, grassroots knowledge keepers, and volunteer researchers, to coordinate geographic and cultural research over large areas of land, including Turtle Island (North America), South America and Oceania.

Core Responsibilities 

  • Encourage greater inclusion of grassroots Indigenous voices, knowledge systems, languages and resources in through relationships and strengthened engagement
  • Development of culturally appropriate research methodologies to guide Native Land Digital in making pertinent decisions as to relevant sources and information related to mapping Indigenous nations, languages and treaties
  • Work collaboratively with the Native Land Digital team
  • Assist with additional communications, partnership and engagement initiatives 

Required Qualifications

  • A proven track record of advancing and promoting equality and inclusion
  • A keen interest and history of engaging in political, environmental or social activism, and/or possess experience in ethical communications surrounding related issues and events 
  • A strong history of engagement with Indigenous communities, particularly related to collaborative initiatives, knowledge collection and relationship building
  • Experience in Indigenous land use mapping and defining boundaries
  • Research on Indigenous histories, treaties and land grievances (land claims)
  • Experience working with GIS and mapping

Additional Qualifications

  • Minimum 2 – 5 years of research and/or GIS and mapping experience
  • Participation in an academic setting related to Indigenous studies and/or related life experience
  • Be familiar with several Indigenous cultural perspectives regarding land, cartography, diplomatic protocols, and the concept of boundaries
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Exceptional organizational skills to meet deadlines and manage multiple priorities
  • Familiarity with not-for-profit organizations is considered a strong asset
  • Indigenous people are strongly encouraged to apply

Please note that candidates do not need to demonstrate expertise across all areas, but should be able to demonstrate that they have worked extensively and respectfully with Indigenous communities, in addition to having experience working with maps, geography, Indigenous knowledge of land, or other similar experience.

Additional Information

Job Type: Part Time (approximately 10 hours/week to start)

Salary: $27.00/hr and up, depending on experience

Location: Remote 

All candidates must submit a cover letter and resume to Christine McRae, Executive Director of Native Land Digital, by email to [email protected] with “Research Director” in the subject line. 

All applications must be received by Friday, September 25, 2020 at 11:59pm PDT. 

Incomplete applications will not be accepted.