Note: This position has been filled. Thank you!

Job Description:

Communication Manager for Native-Land

Please send an email to [email protected] if you are interested in this position. is dedicated to educating and spreading knowledge about Indigenous territories. With the addition of Australia we are now the largest provider online of this important information about the land we stand on, and we are growing as people begin to understand the importance of the heritage of the land they live on.

I’m Victor Temprano, the developer of the site, and I have been doing this work because it matters. It would be great for me to be able to focus on the data, tech, and research as it grows and as the number of updates have been increasing, I can’t really keep up. The site has been almost entirely a volunteer effort until this point. I need help! I’m searching for someone to handle the public communications and to help me explore how Native Land can grow and be more useful on the different paths ahead.

Native Land is directed at settlers in particular — it’s an attempt to find an interesting and interactive way to insert consciousness of indigeneity and indigenous history into settlers’ daily life. However the site is also becoming a resource base for many levels of research, and I’ve gotten feedback that it is meaningful and useful for many indigenous people as well.

This would be part-time work, with hours around 5-10 per week to start.

Ideal candidate will:

  • Be Indigenous
  • Will be already be involved in Indigenous land and heritage
  • Connect with indigenous communities globally starting with Turtle Island
  • Discuss issues related to indigeneity and land/mapping in an online format
  • Be interested in developing other useful online tools related to Native Land’s goals (this could be working with individual nations, or other online projects)

Will be knowledgeable in:

  • Communications and networking
  • Social media / online communications
  • Grant proposals (not required but will be useful)

Tasks will include:

  • Handling social media accounts of Native Land (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and helping tell people about new updates, blogs, asking questions, etc
  • Developing existing relationships with volunteers, reaching out to new connections within nations if there are particular grants, or tools that might be useful
  • Help put together a board of directors and offer input on Native Land’s development
  • Explore some different ways we can offer something useful and meaningful to users and interested nations, development of private local placename maps, etc

Bonus Points!

  • If you live or can visit the Vancouver, BC area, as it would be good to meet in person