Executive Director
Full or part-time, depending on applicant

Email resume to [email protected].

Native Land Digital is hiring again!

We are looking for an enthusiastic and engaged Indigenous person to help lead the Native Land Digital organization. This position is for an Executive Director, which means that you will be responsible for numerous high-level functions in the organization, including communicating with the board, exploring fundraising opportunities, managing our other employees, and moving forward with our major projects. It’s a dynamic position with lots of action and chances for learning, and working with other Indigenous people from around the world on a meaningful and popular digital project.

The ideal candidate will be committed to the big picture when it comes to Indigenous land rights, sovereignty, and education. Native-Land.ca has big goals and many relationships to cultivate and we are excited to take you on board and give you the resources to put your energy and vision into the organization.

This position may take some time to inherit fully, as you will need to be introduced to Native Land’s existing contacts and projects. You will be guided into this carefully, depending on your experience with leading organizations and your existing knowledge about Native Land Digital.

Some more details are below, but please get in touch with us with your own resume or CV, or forward this job position to anyone who you feel may be a good applicant. We will begin interviewing processes in January 2020 and should finalize our hire in February 2020!

Ideal Candidate:

Education: Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree, with some experience with nonprofits.

Geographical location: this ideal person would be located in an urban city or area in Canada somewhere with high-speed internet and perhaps with transportation for ease of meetings, gatherings and conferences.

Personality: Passionate, energetic, self-starter with tenacity and commitment.

Enough excitement and energy to launch a new non-profit and take it into the first phase of development. 

The ideal candidate would be excited to start an Indigenous-led non-profit from the ground up with the support of the board of directors and the founder of the organization

Hard Leadership skills: not afraid of risk, elbow grease, and running with a ball without a succinct level of details or instructions. Leaning in and leading ahead. 

Soft Leadership Skills: engaging with other organizations that are interested in what Native-land.ca offers, developing interest, enough personal skills to recruit and maintain some key champions and volunteers. Has a support system of mentors and part of organizations or professional groups to help support their development into a leader outside of their working profession or be open to those groups.

Understands Budgeting

The Executive Director of a nonprofit startup will create a master budget and departmental budgets for review by the board’s treasurer, finance committee and collective board of directors. If the CEO does not have a separate development director or staff, she will be responsible for setting the revenue goals, which might include donations, grants, interest from an endowment, sponsorship sales and fundraising activities.

Understands Operations

Once the organization is formed, the Executive Director will work to staff the organization and recruit volunteers. The Executive Director is usually a paid staff member guided by volunteer board members. The board sets the direction and goals of the association, and then the Executive Director executes the work needed to reach these goals. The Executive Director of a startup will determine what positions to fill with paid staff, where to use volunteers and what functions to outsource until the organization has enough money to bring those functions in house.

Understands Management and Administrative work

Working with the founder and the Board of Directors they would continue to work on the recognition of the new non-profit. Applying for Charitable status in Canada is the next step. The organization has already filed as a Canadian non-profit and has US fiscal sponsorship with a 501(c) 3 recognized organization that shares similar values, Digital Democracy. The Executive Director will help prepare and submit provincial and federal level income taxes.

Understands Fundraising

One of the most important tasks facing Native Land Digital as a new organization is to chart the path towards sustainability by securing funds for the coming years. The Executive Director will work with the board of directors to create a strategic development plan for the short and medium-term, and proactively seek out funding opportunities in the form of foundation grants, crowdfunding campaigns, and private donors interested in supporting Native Land Digital.

Posted by Victor Temprano
Tuesday, January 7th, 2020

One response to “Executive Director of Native Land Digital”

  1. Beth Jensen says:

    This is good to know more about the indigenous people and where they lived. So interesting to know I live where Miami and Peoria tribes lived….and so tragic. Hopefully, soon we can collectively and individually express our regret for taking the land and sending them away, ask for forgiveness and make continual, ongoing recompense. The indigenous people certainly have the wisdom of respecting the earth which sustains us all. We desperately need their wisdom and we need to learn to follow.

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