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  1. James Acworth says:

    Great initiative Victor. You might want to have a look at this as a way of boosting your map coverage of Africa – it’s a comprehensive ethnicity map for the entire continent of Africa.

    • Thanks James! I have seen this map around, it’s very informative. Africa is going to be very complex if/when we tackle it, because we start to run into a heck of a lot of complex issues about “who is Indigenous” and that kind of thing. But this map is cool and thanks for chiming in!

      • James Acworth says:

        Agreed – while there are some groups that clearly meet the UN definition of an IP, all ethnic groups have strong ties to their customary land – and unlike North / South America and Australia there has not been a massive in-migration of Europeans / others, so most ethnic groups claim territory under customary tenure and this is not contested – though not necessarily recognised by governments… But we are a long way off mapping all customary land – as a starting point, this ethnicity map remains the most comprehensive and accurate – at least for rural parts of Africa.

      • Jhon P says:

        would you happen to have anything specific on White Bear reserve no 70? A friend of mine is looking for info on that, like a survey of sorts or a map of treaty N0 4

  2. JhonP54 says:

    anyone knows of a map of I.R. 70 White Bear reserve when the treaty in 1875 was drawn up in Qu’appelle or a list of the band members from I.R. 70 at the time. I am trying to help out a friend who doesn’t have access to a computer.

  3. charles says:

    Hey, would you consider this project as a non profit org? I could connect you with someone to get free hosting.

    • Hi Charles, I am working on NFP status currently. However no worries about hosting, hosting is super cheap anyway and I just bundle it into my larger hosting. Probably no more than $2 a month:) Thanks for offering though!

  4. Cheryl A. Dinger says:

    What a wonderful work and site Victor T. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to the importance of having Native Land information with tribal names for better education and understanding of what the history of Land means to Native Indians and to all Americans and what it should mean; a way for non-Indians to learn about the land they stand on or live on and what Indian tribe the land once belonged to in history. My hope and prayer for your work and the Native Land site is to be a peaceful and enlightening catalyst for non-Indians to develop a respect and a better understanding of Indians in our history of the suffering and loss the Indians and their ancestors have endured, along with the knowledge of the historical traumas that still affect Indian lives today. We, as Non-Indians need to reach out, one by one, and extend a healing opportunity for Indians in one of many ways: donate land back to Indians, pray for peace and justice for Indians, help Indian Reservations own their land outright to develop and prosper as other american landlowners can, create community gathering circles between non-Indian and Indian peoples to celebrate and honor some traditional Indian Ways, improve state education teaching programs on indigenous places and peoples in our lands of the United States, advocate for more Indian people in the news, movies, and tv programs without using old stereotypes of Indians in a negative way…return or add the original native name to a town, and so much more! Thank you. May God/Creator bless all who help to make this site and life a little better for all Indians and in turn, all Americans in the long run. Americans have much to learn and much to gain if we can learn about and practice some of the beauty of life in the “Indian Way.”

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