Native-Land API Documentation

This allows you to do some calls that will return specific data on nations, languages, or treaties, that you can use in your programming.

Embed Code

Create an iframe as follows:

<iframe src=""></iframe>

Further instructions for how to use the API (by entering different URLs) are below.

AJAX Requests

You can choose a language. By default it is English. Add "&lang=fr" to get French results instead.

You must supply one or more type. There are 3 types:

  • territories
  • languages
  • treaties

These must be submitted according to the Slug. You can see these listed below.

You can also optionally supply one or more name. These are listed at the bottom of this page (it's a big list). These must be supplied within the correct type for the name (only names of treaties with the treaty type, for instance).


Do a GET request to the following URL: in the following format:

General maps:,treaties,languages

Specific polygons:,lakota


Specific languages ( index.php?maps=languages&name=nakota,lakota )

Mixed results, languages and treaties ( index.php?maps=territories,treaties&name=mtis,treaty8 )

One languages ( index.php?maps=languages&name=witsuwiten )

All languages ( index.php?maps=languages )

Slug references

To property call the correct territories, treaties, or languages, you need to send the correct slug in the URL. These are not necessarily predictable, so you need to check the list below.